Saturday, 3 December 2016 myself so far and maybe for more time which is fine.

Bear in mind that English is not my first language.

Some 43 years ish, from today the 14th of June 2016, , took place what is categorised by man  under the word kundalini, of course when it takes place it does not come to the brain mind that it is kundalini which is taking place, such word have no place when it is happening.

Still with my parents, in my bedroom at night time, another dream as often was on, and for once this dream seems to have gone to its full extend and brought with it a sort of strange well being, strange in the sense, not seen before, it was nothing  to worry about or whatever else, it was there that is all..

then from the very bottom of the spine, exactly like when coming to a physical orgasm , for a male is what I know, from this bottom a sot of movement took place and practically immediately it reaches the centre of the brain-skull and the impression at the time was the one to be connected, what was I connected to? I cannot answer that and to be honest it did not matter because the well being of the dream was amplified by a lot, that was sufficient and full contentment in itself so there was no point to be asking question at all...

I got up, opened the windows and shutters , and just sort of globally looked, all was tainted with some sort of never lived before amazing Goodness and "energy", impossible to describe all this was just absolutely and totally fulfilling...peace was there..not the peace of man after he destroyed everything, of course , that is death and ashes only.

contentment it was. Then all of a sudden, I heard a female voice right in the middle of the head, to know the effect is possible, just put on a pair of headphones and listen to any voice, not music, but turn off the stereo mode and listen in mono mode, there you are, you have exactly what took place.

On the spite of me all this what taking place by itself, I was not at any moment responsible for this nor for what follows. The voice I was hearing was using a language I did not know, yet I would understand what she was saying, it was not deep huge revelation about the future of man, but a simple and totally really concerned question about how was I feeling, she really meant to ask this question, she wanted to know how I  was , I was not surprised at all by all this at any stage at all, all this seemed natural, still seems so .

And in the spite of me I know how to answer in this telepathic talk, I just had to bring down this energy centred in the head down to the bottom of the spine and bring it up again right in the head and then i was able to answer her question, then it last for sometimes but I lost track of what was said, and she said do not try to have it back you will not succeed. Then all turned itself off, the total bliss and contentment went away, all the visual effect and all amplified sensations too, and impossibly there was not a second of disappointment that all this was gone...this is a vital piece I will come back to when the time to speak of that will be appropriate.

there would be more to it for myself as a matter of  involuntary experimentation but the nature of the "content" is impossible to be told as it was, total peace and contentment would perfectly fit here as well as the sense that ( here are the exact words I said to myself at the time) : if this is possible and it is as it just took place, then everything is possible !!!!

Not everything in man's desires terms of course, but apart from that yes all is possible.

I stop this short but enough version of this moment for now and next will be another experience on that wavelength a year ish after that first be continued so....

Any wise question is welcome...I may or may not be able to answer but we'll see.


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