Friday, 1 July 2016

John wrote:
Most of us are tired to repeat to ourselves and others 'I know I'm gonna die' or 'I know that I can have a cancer or any terminal sickness at any time' or 'I know that I can lose everything at any time', without really living our lives according to that at all ...
But as some wise Buddhist said long, long ago, it doesn't matter if we acknowledge and live accordingly to the fact or not, because:
Having been born for the sake of coming to die and,
under the power of other (things),
having the situation of going (ever closer to your end),
it would appear as though you were going to die,
not as though you were going to live.
Well yes again the thinking is such fields does not bring much..well somehow thinking has dine its job to its limits, it sees death as a coming fact , end of the story...?
not at all, this process tries to do something about it with words, it starts a constant conceptual struggle against a real fact up to its end...its own end it will not live or could analyse as thought can only analyse what it recorded..thought will not live its own end in fact..
death is far more powerful ( not in terms of a "terminator" of course) than thought.
John wrote:
You said it, for anyone to be seen ... so, everything depends in oneself alone.
Indeed, well to be honest I think that we have very little to do, as one may or not get some "always unexpected" help on such track...I am afraid that thought is a total stranger to what takes place then...
sort of "Heaven helps those who help themselves"...but never ever thought can count on it as if it does nothing happens...
The only action we can go into is about thoughts limits...but if one does not know deeply by experiment or even logically that what is behind suffering-dukkah-sorrow-discontentment-frustration etc etc is a process, a helper to turn on our other capacities, as well as a symptom and a catalyst...well ....:-(

I'll be away for some time off...a few weeks or so

all the best to anyone eventually passing by..


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