Tuesday, 26 July 2016

John :
So ( the living flame of ?) discontent and meditation go together. Right? When you question ( the whole of ?) it, the flame is keeping alive.

Hello John, so I was on to that recently as well with Richard this morning ...

meditation is for me **the absence of thought as a leader of the whole brain**, it is still there but does not lead anymore ,somehow

I clearly have recently lived when again finding another way, as each time it must be different, of leaving sorrow be what it is,  so have been shown somehow that at each moment there are in fact two dimensions of the brain mind at work, of life as a human.

We perceive only one due to the dictatorship of thought over the brain so over all our capacities..

1) There is the ongoing analyses of thought, first of all to locate the body and its environment ,secondly to organise the physical survival up to I want to conquer the world etc etc me and what is not me, a me which possibly is the emanation, the egregore of this program we have and which consist in the watching-analysing of the environment in which it evolves for practical and safety reasons..

this sensor, this observer,  makes an image of the superficiality of the environment which is enough to move , to be safe , etc

this after a while ,out of more than that has given birth to the illusion of a "me" separated from anything else, people,animal,nature etc etc

2) there is this feeling of frustration, pain sorrow, discontentment,suffering nonsense, anxiety, fear, boredom, loneliness etc ad libitum which is there too..

Number 1 feels the presence of number 2, it does not know what it is then it now is doing two jobs, the daily one and the attempt to solve suffering ..So now number one the analyser, the sensor, the censor too, is doing two jobs at the same time, one is daily activities or so, and the other one is trying to get rid of this very annoying sensation which can be up to severe pain sensation...

About dailies activities the analyser knows a few or more things, about suffering it has not a single clue..

Bit by bit both number one and number two are now going to be dealt with thought but thought cannot do anything about suffering, yet it believes so..it sees suffering as it sees the bread on the table, not itself so....

to say such thing means that I know for myself that thought cannot deal with suffering, it is my experience as well as the one of some others..

What if one does not have done that for himself ?

discontentment allows meditation in the sense I defined it above...

what if discontentment is just a natural process ?? which aim is to bring us beyond thought power....it is what I see out of experimentation, many of them now..

the flame is keeping alive ?? does it mean that discontentment will keep it alive ? well indeed is my view...

it could well be that out of many things ,thought is discontent by nature and that would be vital to be so..??

this is my view...


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