Monday, 1 August 2016

John  wrote:
For me personally there is no doubt that a certain process of inner integration is a 'must' and of course, K has an important point here : the fusion of the observer with whatever is observed inwardly.
Hello John, when trying to put in words why suffering, why properly living it etc what you say here says it: it necessary produces the fusion of the observer with whatever is observed inwardly, so that there is no observation at all for some time
if this does not take place that way, then there is no fusion but same old analysing, then the weight of life is not seen, solved and does not bring this extra-ordinary feeling beyond this weight
that is our first classroom as a potential adult to deal with anything being a weight in life, or dukkha or whatever words which suits here
all those nasty problems have for me the specificity to be impossible to be solved by thought...then by extension this will lead "somewhere" unpredictable for me so unknown....theoretically anywhere where that analyser is not,
the analyser will remain as it is vital...
I think that we are so behind or have so lost touch with our deep nature that it is terribly hard for us..
good machines yes but that is all....not enough to make a life but an eventual survival life time ..
John  wrote:
So any inward 'analysis' in terms of acquiring more knowledge about oneself is dualistic by nature...and that's the end of it.
John  wrote:
So, the only 'intelligent' alternative left would be to start learning about a new approach where the 'observer' gets fully immersed in the troubled waters of 'whatever is being observed'
this is where suffering enters into the game, for me it is so because nothing else , as first, will have enough power to force the analyser to step down willingly without any goal hope ,etc
then when this is done at least once it may lead to people like k or whoever on that wavelength who all of a sudden gets the "message" in its deepest way or will give birth to more timid changes in oneself yet it will too....
we sure will find a huge varieties , forms, of changes taking place, like in the analytical world where differences at the surface are all over the place..that seems to be th deep nature of things..
John  wrote:
From where the necessity of some free inner space of quietness - I guess it was called 'contemplation' in the old times , where the actual 'temple' is located within oneself rather than 'outside'. Now, is this necessarily an 'esoteric' activity ?
well as everyone I know the word esoteric but I needed one definition here and I got that one: Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest
so for me if it is esoteric then it is not a truth, that is only my view.
living suffering does not need any intellectual capacities on the contrary....this is potentially there for everyone...this is something I observe around some I meet..
we worship, not me yet I had a potential very good one so they said (the IQ), the intellect so intellectual but it has no ,they have no key for mankind deep problems at all..they have eventual keys in practical stuff ,that is all...then they use that wasted talent for personal purposes because their all brain is not turned they suffer so are in pain so use what they have to run away from it...
John  wrote:
It doesn't have to be, but the actual fact is that very few people are using this 'timeless' opportunity ( I'm not not talking here of the countless psycho-opportunists doing it 'for profit'). And from this already very small number...some 'make it' and some don't. And in the context of these Teachings it may all start with a quality of inner 'listening'...which -in my humble view- can be cultivated.
Agreed, something can to some extend be "cultivated"...
When I mention the proper dealing with this weight of life, when the weight is felt, this is still the analyser at work and as long as it is at work when it is still in its fields capacities it can "cultivate" some doing...
to make it clear, as I have learnt incidentally to properly deal with this "weight of life" making that life for me unbearable, when it has worked, produced something new, relief , extraordinary etc then I know that this must be done again..up to that point I know that I have to deal the proper way with that, this is still analysing so it can be still cultivated.....
The "desire" is analytical but the means won't be analytical, they can't be when such problem as the weight of life is concerned...
then I see that there will be numerous ways showing themselves...
Here I am talking about us as total beginners...

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