Friday, 26 August 2016

Marc. wrote:
I would like to ask first, is that fed up with the situation I(one) is, a kind of resistance to the situation? ... And if it is so, would be then the defeat or the give up of thought the end of such resistance? ... Now, the question is why do we resist to the present situation?

I see it as a resistance yes, but not perceived as a resistance ..the global feeling would be more like a global huge confusion where practically nothing is understood, and most energy is used in trying to do something about all that mess which hurts and is painful without having a clue of what is going on, intellectually this is an absolute impossible mission even for a IQ like "me" :-))
the give up is the end is one single movement.
why do we resist ? routine, habit , ignorance, lack of curiosity, etc all this is the functioning of thought itself ..thought sees itself as all powerful, conceptually it does everything it can imagine, it is only intellectual it has no reality but thought finality , out of many, has the one to interact in practical life to walk, me and the environment, up to making tools, techniques ,etc etc so what it has decided as a concept must exist for itself as it is in its program, what I have decided have to exist, and when thought tries to deal with matters that it cannot so should not deal with but does not know that, it proceeds the same way with making tools than with decides that it must go even find some explanations of its own for that, they are always wrong of course it basically never works .
we have a problem, suffering-dukkah, the roots are unknown, "I" say : go away, it does not work, can be a bit covered up by alcohol,drugs,religion, sex work ,money etc but basically it is a bit covered up not understood so not solved it persists ..
this is where some sort of resistance is...we do not know what is going on so the matter is not solved so it remains only a sort of resistance to something more powerful than what thought can deal with ..especially since it is unknown ..

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