Monday, 29 August 2016

the eternal fight of thought caught as k says ,caught in opposites yes/no, always guessing conceptually, fine if the subject is practical, but when it is not about matter or practicality what happens ??
... Here I agree with Richard by seeing the same point as himself,Richard who is gone from here for a while having said and shared what he felt he had to, I agree that at any time, at any moment, anything from thought in daily life is potentially a matter of some sort of suffering from very mild to very heavy, so is a matter of "awakening", understanding etc too...but this is words and does not relief anything, even if true..
My half logical and half insightful "view" now here is that this is not incidental, meaning that we would just be unlucky to get caught in any suffering when instead of that we could as well have been never suffering at all..
To me this is deeper than it seems to be, what I see here is that this is a process, it is necessary to bring something very specific : thought is forced to question itself, by a sort of too heavy pressure put on its shoulder, that we call suffering, dukkha being a better word for me as it is wider than suffering..suffering is a bit short for me like fear is...such words are not good enough for me now anymore.
So a never ending escape you say...When young I was drowning into you I had been "blessed" with heavy suffering since I can remember anything of my lifetime...but not only...I had too a very good energy , not the energy to built empire, to make money, to win or to kill masses of people, anything but such energy...not my property of course nevertheless it was there for me, despite that many sees me as the problem which I don't, it does not mean that I am right of course..
6 years or now 7 perhaps, aged 55 , I re learn totally incidentally of course to drown into dukkha's effects , on one hand was this unbearable sensation, on the other hand me, awake, standing, aware that I can't live that anymore...very dangerous moment as this is when one can chose to end one's life prematurely, but that was not at all the case...
And like in any case where the weight of life is involved is this fight against it as you well know it and say it here ...
So far thought had always be leading, in charge at this is how we start as a is facing something painful and unknown..
And it has no clue is a fact.

It keeps working .....

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