Saturday, 25 June 2016


 In such moments  of bliss , of grace, of absolute contentment etc when all the brain, or at least more than we know , is turned on, the analytical system does not take the lead any division is over as the leader of our lives...

elimination so competition so business so war is over like politics etc etc etc....the time this is on..or even when is is off afterwards , such moments totally out of reach of the analyser can, if powerful enough, if deep enough , leave a definite imprint into the analytical process which is then changing the way it was used to go...

our other processes will influence the ways of the analyser up to their own limits

Our brain is directly war and killing...and in my view k for krishnamurti , is very wrong to say that this is because of our global past and so called violent ancestors, as well as because our own personal past, the old  brain etc etc short , experience wise it really seems to be that we are insane good a making machines, good is a self evaluation of course,  because our brain is malfunctioning due to the turning off of some capacities due to the dictatorial functioning of one program, the analytical one this prevents all others to work...I do not dismiss k's global work at all.

 this analytical program had been loaded from scratch with what we call suffering, but it is not suffering at all , it is a signal and a catalyst which has the property to hurt if we attempt anything against it which we do all the time..left alone this signal does not become painful , is a precious tool and must be left alone...then it works as meant to be according to something I do not understand but it has its own ways to do so...but we have become so short sighted that all this is not understood at all but we only attempt to escape....major mistake one more time..

Why when supposedly travelling back to our alleged past , why ONLY stop at the episode where our alleged ancestors would eventually have been violent only ? why ? it does not make any logical sense to me..why not go back to the very Origin..would that very origin have no influence at all then...???

this energy which is there, peaceful , deep , non hierarchical, give no value etc as beyond description etc  etc etc , may be this Original energy, it may, or at least it is linked to it, so that the Origin is present all the time is this energy which sustains the entire physical fields ....our problem is just a malfunction....which is indicated to us but we call that suffering so the analyser says : go away you !! and never ever inquires the proper way into that...

between us this gets on my nerves as it is a very limited use of even a thorough good old common logic..

We go that insane way because many functions of us are now turned off, this is my experience like the one of some....the only one process now working being the analytical process, this is THIS which is responsible for our insanity...the past for me has nothing at all to do with that...AS THE ROOT PROBLEM.

But the thing is the leaders, sorry the thieves, to lead the flock to accept everything including to go to war and be killed for the leaders amusements and kill people for no reasons, needs us to firmly believe that there is no alternative....

well that's enough for now.

Cheers, I mean it.

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