Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Good morning...

it happens that in the title appears the word bliss and the word suffering....then life.

It looks  like a random choice. Poor one !

Chronologically, my reason to write anything starts with suffering and not at all with this moment called kundalini, not this full day in total weird bliss, yet privately in real chat with some people, I would evoke those moments when I had the feeling that it was good to do so. This is how I met or heard about some other and their own stories , true stories on that wavelength..

Such sharing opens up possibilities in ways that even if I had lived the "impossible" for me out of the blue, make some experiences told by others widening by a lot an unknown field where everything can be a possibility, of course not everything in terms of doing even worse that what we actually are doing...or in terms like of not dying, so not in practical terms but in terms of anything which is not that...

It seems that we as a species are totally and absolutely out of the right tack, out track.

This is why if anyone has something to share on that wavelength I will be deeply interested to read about such facts...

Why is there suffering?
What is that ?
Life as a human is suffering? competition? war? business? conflict? pyramidal society, where each lair squeezes and crushes  the one below ? etc .

What I know by experiment is this: one day for some reasons, I did nothing about such suffering..I realised now that it happens that I was good at dealing with that from quite young, and I feel now that this so called kundalini and the bliss and more were side effects of properly living suffering...and what comes after that as side effects.

So I did nothing, what exactly does it mean?

Years of discontentment,  brought me to the point where I just renounced to keep fighting, to keep resisting whatever would take place and so "I" was defeated so all what was there was suffering....and this is exactly where the unexpected started to take place by itself as it wishes to...

The first event to take place was a total relief from pain-sorrow so there was  a state of "Goodness"....of feeling lighter, light.

There was this presence of energy within, not the big huge energy felt when the kundalini was taking place, but it was the same type,so had the same taste yet at a lesser scale...

The days which follow up to now some 8 years later, the kundalini and + was 40 years ish ago, have brought back a life because in fact i was self destroying myself because of this inability to live  sorrow-suffering as it shall be.

I leave it here for today.

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