Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hello...for some reasons difficult to convey, I see a clear factual link out of involuntary experiments  between those "moments" superficially told , and suffering-frustration-discontentment-fear,sorrow etc....nothing new as such of course here....what Mr Buddha mentioned a good wile ago now , using the word dukkha , is too on that sort of wavelength ..

There is no attempt to copy or paraphrase anyone here, it is just to acknowledge that if I am not pulling your leg, which can be the case, I say that it is not but how would you know? , if so, it is not about any discovery as such at all, but about my own re discovery about that for myself....I must say that it took place when not searching of course, as you probably know that for yourself too...some events always take place when not searching...they are unpredictable,  not "catchable",  etc.

It is a tough subject to bring because there are so many things to go into but that, especially today with all the toys we are given like this computer I use and much more.

Such subject can appeal out of interest, and yet eventually only, to some people very sensitive about their own life and feeling that something is totally wrong, yet not being able to define it more.

The usual common approach of such subject is : run away !! and there are plenty ways to try to run away, any entertainment, religion, sport, work, possessions, money, sex , and whatever else ad libitum.

Before to go into it, I need to make up my own mind about some approach of I am still hesitating between a chronological one or a no chronological one.

that will be for tomorrow so.


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