Sunday, 19 June 2016

Hello ,

From kundalini to bliss all-right one can get it somehow of course, but then what has suffering to do with that?

"Nothing I hope" would be a common desire I guess.

Well I leave it on a shelve and we will see, but just to let you know for me suffering, mental suffering under any form whatever its real origin is is of course a signal, a symptom indicating that something is wrong, but for me as I see it now it has a function that I have experienced for myself like some have too. And it may be entirely related to thought itself, whether as such whether about its functioning itself..

So some experiences like the ones I superficially, by need to make it first short enough, mentioned are not uncommon, nor are they common.
I have met because from time to time like here I say it,  some persons having had the quite exact same type of "kundalini" or more, in the detail  not mentioned here as it is difficult  to do so with words, that, the unknown language part included as well , some would be slightly different, but the process itself like how it comes into being and all that is common to most, for some it did not reach the centre of the head, whatever took place, I say that because I am no specialist of it, I just tell what I got from it, I feel that it must be said, especially more in those mad insane times we live, which is our common creation.

But for today that is enough, I have things to do outside, I will develop that soon...I kind of know where I am going to from there, the writing just need to be seen in the brain mind first of all, so it is the moment which decides itself.....then it is a matter of transcription...

enjoy your day ..lazy day here, at the end of the day..

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