Sunday, 19 June 2016

Good morning,

Those two special moments of my own life have left something indeed. Right after the so called kundalini and this full day in some sort of other dimension, I said to myself : " if this exist and it does , then everything is possible, including what I can't imagine of course".

Of course everything is possible not in terms or according to our thought, like more machines, more "toys", etc but really what was meant is that the Nature of life, whatever it entirely is, this nature if capable to produce such blissful state to a human mind may be infinite or so, and of course it means that it is loaded with some sort of blessed goodness ,where the brain mind has stopped searching for better, out of.....the suffering of frustration, of cravings, of fear, etc libitum !....when we are "told" that fight and so called competition is our deep nature, what I have like some, lived, says the exact opposite.

So on one hand are some very special moments, and on the other hand is the usual life in conflicts, fights, war, stealing, destruction, torture, pollution, nonsense, machines some and some are good and helpful some give Hiroshima and all mass killing etc etc  and on the personal side a craving for ideal desires, ideal goodness searched for in matters ,  possession, and a definite craving for absolute security which is so denied by our fights, and which leads to frustration, discontentment, suffering, suicide, etc etc and a few moments called joy, the joy to reach a goal which immediately gives birth to another set of cravings and short our world with two columns one for the - and one for the +, columns which will differ according to opinions of course.

Personally I knew after such time in bliss that first of all, it is a fact . It has not radically changed life as a "thinker" , yet it has a bit if not more but not in the obvious. On one hand it has brought very negatives effects, like when you live total peace, bliss, contentment, ordinary life is not a peace of cake at all, but it has brought too a tiny light which seems there and is a helper in moments of intense suffering which gradually became my cup of tea for many years. The bliss which was there is one thing, the vital understanding of myself and all its problems is a entirely different matter and at the tie I was not aware of this aspects in my own life . When I talk about understanding here it is not about some intellectual as we know it understanding and here I must now introduce this fact for me but idea for another one unless he or she has lived the same moments, neither good nor bad fut factually,

hello !! which fact ??? the fact that some other process(es) of our brain mind had turned on itself (themselves) when "it" took place by itself

The normal thought cannot go into that This will be developed later on

To be continued so..........

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