Wednesday, 29 June 2016

John wrote:
Perhaps i'm not understanding you rightly, but let me ask: can we, i mean you and me, cooperate if at the same time we are fighting one each other? ... Wouldn't be this a mere exchange of particular interests and not a real cooperation? ... I question that they cooperate at all, which would mean that they would have a whole view of the world and its conflicts (themselves as part of it also) without any bias ... Is that happening?
Hi John...
thanks for the dialogue. Yes I agree here . On the practical side taken separately the do cooperate unwillingly but they see that they must do that to succeed even though they fight too.., there is a sort of collaboration yet of course it is based on mutual greed so personal interest only so fight too but at some level they is collaboration, when at the people level there is no collaboration at all, but a forced working together because we put "me" first and me business is not to collaborate ...I mean here that the leaders are a sort of united group and the people of earth are not...yet some are part of groups of common interest but not in sectors of activity where they have some power at all about what is called economy, so are powerless..
for me it is the disintegration of people's togetherness within oneself so with others which has allowed mad insane leaders to be....And of course in any process of elimination as this is what takes places within the leaders too some are eliminating in a more efficient way than others so we have a one main group now in power...because they do actively cooperate somehow yet too of course are fighting as well ...all this can collapse at any time but with what we are now it only will be to recreate the same sort of society...
but all this is superficial of view so far.
John wrote:
Daniel Paul. wrote:
the totalitarianism of the analytical process on the brain is the problem,
I told you that your words are always inspiring to me ... Totally agree with you, but we don't see this at all ... One could spend the whole life going deep into this single phrase and its deep meaning.
Yes I can remain analytical only, by I I mean anyone.I will develop that more down below.
John wrote:
That's my view also about the myth of Adam and Eve, and then the 'Dictator' made its appearance and we believed him ... But if that was so, how it was that a sane brain with all its faculties turned on became mesmerized with the orders of such a 'Dictator'?
I think , this is what I know by experience so valid for me at least, that we possibly get the dictator brain at birth, we keep it during "childhood" , then something takes place in order to turn on all our capacities, innate capacities...and this does not globally take place anymore...
we keep that childish brain only turned on...and the result is what we it is necessary to be able to really have in a few second a global seeing of the entire world affairs...something I do ..
We have triggers and help in each one of us to go that way...this way is lost..Buddha re found it, k too and probably some unknown persons too...what we call suffering, what Buddha called dukkha is for me the process here to help that transformation to take place..without searching for it..and that is THE main problem, because mostly it is always thought which tries to do nothing else but the childish brain is turned on, our full brain does not work...
So I do not think that a brain with all its faculties was mesmerised, it seems that those faculties do not turn themselves on any more because we do not do the right thing....thought prevents it, in my view thought does not do it on purpose at all, it is just too limited to do so..or differently put it is not its job to go into that, at this level for me it is now clear that its job at this level is to learn to live dukkah-suffering....because thought sees two elements where there is factually one only , gain not its fault as it is how it works as to analyse so to physically live thought vitally needs to separate One in many parts, it cannot analyse the global so it cuts it into conceptual pieces to do so...then it can analyse what it has memorised only...
thought has no capacity when it is about wholeness of life nor when it is about something it has not memorised..again my view...our turned off capacities have...I know this by experiences like some do..

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